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Though we have not seen Robots to completely replace humans yet, the world has already started to use Robotic Systems in our day to day things. The advancements in mobile phones like Navigation  system(automatically guiding us to the destination) and automatic screen off using proximity sensors,auto cool adjustments in AC etc is an evident for that.

I feel, these advancements are a good sign and will pave way for the usage of Robotic Systems on everything where the attention or participation of humans are getting less. Agriculture is a good example for that. With growing population, we need more production of food, but instead the number of Agriculturists had drastically come down in recent years. Not only Agriculture,human participation is drastically coming down in many fields where it is actually needed more.

This gap in the need and availability shall be bridged only through Robots.

So the future is not so far where it will be Robotics for everything. Expect Robots for Agriculture, Surgery, exploring space, serving in hotels, customer care, retail sales etc.

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